Who we are

Webfish is a modern company that provides services of new Internet technologies and Information Technology. Web users nowadays can be seen as fish swimming in an endless ocean, looking for the right bait that will attract their attention. The recipe for this bait is a matter of a necessary expertise, which we offer you.

What we do

We design and develop attractive and, at the same time, functional websites and online e-shops, following the latest trends in web design and fully highlighting your online presence.

“ We listen carefully to your expectations, we analyze your needs in depth and then we recommend the best solution for you „

At the same time, we create your brand identity by designing your professional logo, label and card. We create your profile on the Social Media  and we conduct promotional campaigns on them (Facebook Ads). We carry out for you complete campaigns through Google Adwords, the most popular and largest online advertising platform in the world. We optimize by appropriate means the response of your website in the search engines, achieving the highest possible ranking (Search Engine Optimization). We enable you to include in your website an online booking system suitable for hotels and car rental agencies, as well as a virtual tour of your place (360° Virtual Tour).

Upon request, we proceed to the design of additional tools of publishing and promoting of the products and/or services of your company, such as posters, brochures, catalogues-menu (for restaurants, café & hotels), letterheads, envelopes, etc.

“ Our projects are not just limited to beautifying the Web Ocean „

Since your needs go beyond your online presence, we are at your disposal in order to assist you in resolving any technical problems regarding your desktop computer and laptop (hardware & software). We provide a full range of services related to upgrades and repairs, covering the whole range of your domestic and business needs.

Our philosophy

  • Every business and every customer is unique, so is each of our projects.
  • The ideal combination of aesthetics and expertise is our main objective.
  • We commit ourselves to customer satisfaction, whom we treat more as our partner.
  • We believe in direct, continuous and fast support and on lasting relationships of trust and confidence

Our knowledge

Having full support and expertise of all our services, with exclusivity in innovation, we are in continuous research and development of our knowledge aiming at the benefit of our client.

Web design/development
Graphic Design - Brand Identity
Social Media - Google Adwords
Search Engine Optimization
IT Support
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