Webfish undertakes the design and development of e-shops that meet the needs of the modern digital age.

The Information Technology revolution has significantly changed the way of life and people’s purchases, leading to a series of changes that significantly affect the commercial businesses. So those who will “survive” in the competition are those making, at this time, strategic choices for the incorporation of new technologies into their practices. Electronic business (E-Business) refers to the realization of business transactions through the Internet and it is the adaptation of the classic business model to the new digital reality or the development of a new business model with the Internet as the only tool. But how will you spread your longline fishing within a vast ocean?

The e-commerce benefits briefly
  • An online store is open 24 hours a day on a daily basis, giving the chance το consumers to purchase all day long.

  • You broaden the turnover of your business and your buying audience by extending your trading geographical boundaries.

  • Taking advantage of the possibilities that an e-shop gives you, you become more competitive in your field by developing your business.

  • You offer direct and fast transactions, providing direct coverage to your customers’ needs for new products and services.

“ The definition of e-shop with a few words: Sales to anyone, anywhere, anytime… „
Some of the opportunities that we offer you

Following the same steps and desirable characteristics to the Website design, we customize the e-shop to your needs.

  • We give personal touch and character to your online store. This way you are able to bring the customer closer by showing who you are. An impressive slideshow with professional photos on the home page of your online store is a first approach.

    “The Internet is impersonal. To transmit your personality to an online store is a challenge.”

  • We invest time in details. It is very important for your business online store to look attentive and professional. When the customer finds out that you have spent some money and time on your e-shop, he realizes that you are a true professional.

  • We create a list with your most popular products at the home page of your online store. It has been shown that such a move helps sales, since the customer can immediately get a glimpse of your most “powerful” items.

  • We create and import an unlimited number of products for you, organized in specific categories in order to facilitate the customer’s search.

  • During the description of a product, we try to describe the product that you sell as accurately as possible (colors-sizes) and with as many photos as we can (attachment of photos in a gallery for each product with image enlargement effect). Furthermore, we enable your customers to submit their opinion/review on a product they have already bought. Positive reviews can increase dramatically the chances of new buyers.

    “Imagine yourself as a customer for your own shop. What questions may you have when considering purchasing a product? We try to answer as many as possible of these questions through our product description.”

  • We offer alternative ways of payment for your customers’ orders such as Cash on Delivery, Bank deposit, Credit card or PayPal (with reliable security technologies).

  • We interconnect the e-shop with the Google Analytics application, through which you can track your visitors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • We give customers the opportunity of optional registration, so that in the future to be connected to their personal profile, view the history of their orders and make purchases directly avoiding to submit their personal information again.

  • We include a blog page in your online store, through which you are able to post articles regarding trends of your market. This way you show to your customers that you remain constantly up to date on your field, and, at the same time, you get in contact with them through your responding to their comments and their potential questions.

  • We give the opportunity to your potential customers to contact you through a special contact form in case they have any questions. Furthermore, with the additional Newsletter service, users can also register via their e-mail address and be informed in the future about new products and offers of your online store.

Support after the completion of the e-shop

Your online store is your internet business. As an owner, after an elementary training from us, you will be able to fully manage it without difficulty in its use. This way, you will be able to add, edit and update its content at any time and moment you wish. If you do not feel safe with this, our company can fully take on the regular updates of your e-shop (new rates, products, photographs, articles, etc.) upon a special agreement. Our sole satisfaction is for you, to benefit from your investment. That’s when we win too.