At Webfish we create your brand identity, the mirror of your business.

Designing a strong brand identity is the first step in building a good reputation and a professional profile for your business. Using the proper combination of colors, shapes, phrases and names, we capture harmoniously the style and the main style of your company in the identity that will represent you in communicating with your customers.

Logo - The heart of the Brand Identity

At the center of the brand identity is the logo of your business. In every communicative action that you take for your business, logo is its central point, being one of the key elements of the impression that someone will get for you. So at every company that thinks of creating a new logo we highlight the criteria we believe that make it capable of bringing out its personality. View logo samples of our customers here.

  • Attractive
  • Ιnnovative

Ideal Logo

  • Representative
  • Functional
People tend to remember images more easily than names. So, your business logo should create a good first and lasting impression. An elegant and intelligent logo, brings you out of the competition and exudes professionalism and quality among your prospective customers 
Other graphic design services

After designing the logo, we can expand to the rest of your brand identity.

  • We import the logo on your website or your company’s online store.

  • We undertake the design of your label, which is the “roof” of your business.

  • We design your business card with the right implementation of the logo on it, giving the style that suits to your business. View original samples of our customers business cards here.

  • We create catalogues – menus for restaurants, café, bars, hotels or beach bars with the aim of presenting and displaying their products with special elegance and functionality. The catalogue requires special attention on its design and printing, as it is the first impression that the customer gets about your business. As a company, we want you to have the best possible result for this and we give great emphasis on printing materials and construction quality. View original samples of our menus here.

  • Upon request, we proceed to the design & printing of additional tools of publishing and promoting of the products and/or services of your company, such as calendars-agendas, posters, hotel brochures, folders, leaflets, stickers, stationery, envelopes and  paper products for hotels & restaurants (place mats, coasters, cutlery sleeves etc). View samples from different categories of brochures and paper products here.