Webfish provides complete technical IT support to individuals and small businesses.

Our company is not just limited to your online advertising services. Whether you are being advertised on the Web or not, we help you to have a healthy computer system, which will facilitate your daily routine without any technical problems and malfunctions in the hardware and in its software part.

Desktop computer Support

Several times you might have noticed that your computer is slow, it crashes, it is slow in booting up or it shuts down without your will. In these cases, we make all the necessary checks in the hardware and software on your computer in order to find and repair the problem that causes its dysfunction. We update the operating system and the protection software (anti-virus), in order to optimize the most out of your computer’s responsiveness and your security when you browse to the Internet.

A computer virus is a malicious program that can be copied without your intervention and “infect” your computer without your knowledge or permission. With the increasing use of the internet, it is a common phenomenon observed on computers that usually do not have suitable and updated protection. We successfully face any such attack, by detecting all types of viruses and installing on your computer a new and safe protection program (anti-virus) that will protect you from future threats.

In case of buying a new version of Windows or when restoration of the operating system (format) is required, after creating a backup of your computer data (file backup), we proceed with the installation of the software and the full update of the device drivers (drivers) so that your computer and your peripheral devices work properly. Upon your request, we can install the programs of your choice and do their necessary settings.

We upgrade your old computer economically and efficiently. Through a combination of smart modifications, you can gain a major upgrade of its performance. Changing a hard drive in one with larger capacity or of the latest technology (SSD), the increase of RAM, the renewal of the graphics card and the replacement of the CPU are some of the methods that will help you get the desired result.

We undertake the installation of a new ADSL connection in your house or in your workplace as well as the problem solving of your existing one. We install and configure the modem router or your network card and we ensure a successful Internet connection. In addition we offer you free training on the different browsers that you are able to use for your online browsing (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera).

We create for you one or more e-mail accounts and install on your computer the appropriate software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) that allows you not only to send, receive and manage your messages but also to manage the calendar and your contacts, such as friends and partners.

We undertake the installation of a wired or wireless network in your home or your workplace. We adjust your network to share the printer and your files on all the computers you have and adjust your router modem in order your wireless network to be secure.

Using a special program that we indicate you to install on your computer, we can have temporary control and provide you with direct and fast technical support to a wide range of problems. Throughout our connection, you can watch the steps we follow to solve these problems and benefit cognitively from these. Support from a distance can just solve a part of software problems and not hardware, which we may need to repair or replace.

Laptop computer Support

We can replace the cracked or broken screen of your laptop with a new one. Some of the classic cases in which normally replacement is required are the occurrence/absence of lines on the screen, the faded colors and the dark or “dead” screen.

The keyboard and touchpad of the laptop are particularly sensitive, as they are used all the time and are exposed to the ambient conditions such as dust and moisture. The sudden shutdown of the keyboard or touchpad function, the worn buttons and dropping of liquids on the keyboard are the most common problems that may occur. After the necessary control, we proceed, depending on the case, to the repair or replacement of the keyboard of your laptop.

When your laptop is not charging, is charging intermittently or is charging only when you bend the power cable at a specific point, there is a problem in the power plug and must be immediately repaired or replaced. Sometimes charging problems are not a fault of the power plug but the power circuit, in this case a diagnosis on the motherboard is required. If once again your power supply is broken due to a hit or volatility of the current, we undertake its repair or replacement with a compatible or original one, upon your choice.

One of the biggest enemies of the laptop is the high temperature, which can cause serious damage to many of its systems. We undertake the maintenance of the cooling system of your laptop and we give you tips to avoid temperature problems. If necessary, we make replacement of the cooling fan or the heat sink, so that your laptop works at desired temperatures.

Each laptop can accept specific upgrades depending on the manufacturer and the model. What could improve the performance of your laptop is to upgrade the RAM and replace the hard drive with a larger and/or faster one (e.g. SSD). In this way you will see a significant difference in your computer’s response without having to change your operating system settings.

We can replace the hard disk, the CD-DVD rom, the memory or any of the ports (HDMI, USB) of your laptop in case of any possible damage.