The All-day bar MyHouse is located in Vathy of Samos island, just a few meters away from the main town square. It is an ideal place for any time of the day. You can start with a delicious breakfast, drink one of the highly flavored coffees and enjoy in the evening hours refreshing cocktails on the terrace with a magnificent view.

We undertook the bar’s website design and development, in which information about the peculiarity of the coffee and cocktails that offers are provided, accompanied by photographs and videos. Through the 360° virtual tour the user can visit virtually the entire bar areas and through the reservation request he can book for the day and time that he wants to visit it.

We would like to thank the owners of the business, Giannis & Athina, for our excellent cooperation as well as our partners Alexander Petsavas and Stamos Abatis for the photoshooting and their contribution to the creation of the virtual tour.