At Webfish we apply the appropriate SEO techniques that will enhance your online presence and will distinguish you from the competition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of actions and techniques that we follow for optimising your website in order to be more friendly for search engines. Our ultimate goal is the highest possible rank in the organic search engine results when users are searching for you with specific terms – keywords related to the field of your business. To achieve this, interventions related to both the content and structure of your website (on-page SEO) as well as to other external factors (off-page SEO) are required.

On-page SEO

The first and most important step for on-page optimization of your website is to conduct a research on your competition (competition analysis) and find the appropriate keywords with which potential customers are looking for you. Then, we apply a set of basic processing techniques to your website content in order to make it as friendly as possible to the search engines (SEO friendly).

  • Titles and descriptions of sub pages

  • Images with description and relevant filename

  • Qualitative and original content that includes a desired level of keywords related to the field of your business

  • Improvement of your website loading time

  • Creation of internal links and sitemap, in order to facilitate the navigation of visitors to your website

  • Fix of broken links and errors in the code of the website

  • Friendly URLs and website domain name with the ideal keywords

Off-page SEO

Off-page optimization refers to external practices that we apply to your website and involve the increase of your popularity at the search engines. We create quality external links (backlinks) to trusted websites, social media (social media networks) and blogs that link to your website and we register it in famous directories related to the field of your business, as well as in the largest search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Increasing traffic to your website is one of the most important factors that affect your ranking among your competitors.

Your website optimization is a time consuming process which however, in the long run, will bring visible and long lasting results. At Webfish we constantly follow the development and progress of your website aiming to keep it as high as possible in the rankings of the search engines  

If you wish to have immediate results on your website response, we strongly recommend the creation of an advertising campaign through Google Adwords, which will be supplementary to the brand awareness and customer finding of your business.