Website design & development is the main activity of Webfish.

The website of your company is your bait in the Web ocean and it’s the first impression to your potential clients. Therefore it must be elegant, concise and functional. It is an investment with multiple benefits, which can bring you multiple profits of its original cost. Regardless of its size, the website is your basic tool in the modern, digital age and helps your business to evolve.

Static (HTML) or Dynamic (CMS) website? What should I choose?

The websites are divided into two major categories, static (HTML – static websites) and dynamic (CMS – dynamic websites). The term “static” refers to websites with fixed and specific content, which may contain extensive information (texts, graphics, images, etc.) but they may not be easily and frequently modified by the user, but only by the developer himself. They are suitable for your online appearance and they give you the possibility of the general presentation of your business at a low cost. In contrast, dynamic websites offer more features and their content can be refreshed instantly, as it enables management by their owner through a content management system (CMS). Their content is interactive and allows the continuous incorporation of new dynamic elements. Of course their cost is higher and the final choice depends on your own personal needs.

The steps we follow


Our primary concern is to grant your wishes. That’s why we listen to them carefully and, at the same time we analyze your needs and requirements. Then we research the online presence of your competitors and we recommend the best solution for you. Upon discussion, we proceed to copyright the name of your website (domain name), your “address” on the web.


We implement our proposals visually by designing the structure and the graphic elements of your website. We follow modern and attractive methods, giving you a “fresh” result that responds to the latest trends of web design. We discuss the draft with you and gradually we move on to your final choice. We ensure that your website will be modern and no changes will be required for a long time ahead.


Taking the pre-design into consideration, we proceed in gathering the necessary materials and in the development of the content, which are detailed, clear and not at all tiring for the final visitor. We try to keep the ideal balance between graphics, information and usability, so that your website will be fully functionable and efficient.


The last step is your website hosting to reliable and secure servers of our choice, which offer a variety of services such as multiple e-mail accounts, full support via chat & phone and backup service of your data for extra security. Now, your bait is ready to be thrown into the ocean…

Desirable characteristics of a modern website
“ Our company’s main ambition is to fully satisfy your needs and desires and to ensure your successful online presence. For this reason, we provide each of our websites with a set of functions that we consider important and which will help you stand out from the competition „
  • Responsive design

    The website is designed in such a way as to adapt and respond correctly to all PC screens and modern devices such as tablets and screens of modern mobile smartphones.

  • Multilingual support

    Investing in a multilingual website will contribute to its access by non-Greek-speaking users of the Internet and the global view of your business.

  • Connection with the Social Media of your choice

    The interface of your website with the social media is highly important, not only because the views of your website will increase, but also a group of “Friends” will be formed, making your website more popular.

  • SEO friendly design

    In every website that we take on we apply some basic SEO methods (Search Engine Optimization) in order to have the best results in search engines from the beginning.

  • Emphasis on loading speed

    The loading speed of your website is a very important aspect of your online presence and increases user satisfaction. optimize your site following web best practices

  • Compatibility with the most known browsers

    A quality website should work on all common Web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and should be displayed in all browsers exactly the same.

Optional functions
  • Online Booking

    This service is mainly addressed to hotels, rooms for rent or car rental agencies and enables an online booking system on the website. This way, potential customers who visit your website can see prices or offers for any period of year and they can make a direct online booking without any direct communication needed. Through this system, the high commissions to third websites that provide similar services are reduced and a full management opportunity is given, avoiding dependence on third parties or other additional costs.

  • 360° Virtual Tour

    360° Virtual tour is a modern technique that offers a spherical and a three-dimensional view of an area and aims to transfer the user to an environment, internal or external, simply through its integration to the website. Combining objects, panoramic images and audio material, we create a virtual journey of the area that you would like the web user to see before visiting it. So he can wander through the premises like he is really there. It is especially recommended for hotels, lodgings, museums and points of tourist interest.

Support after the completion of the website

Our company does not limit itself to the correct and reliable service. This is why we remain by your side after your website development and we can train you on how to edit and refresh its content. In case you don’t wish to do this, you can assign us your complete site management with a guarantee of its proper functioning, for as long as you want (if you choose to create a static website and not a dynamic one, maintenance and renewal can only be done through us). Your only obligation will be to send the data (texts, photos, articles, etc.) that you want to be posted by us. Our ultimate goal is to build a good, long-term relationship of trust and communication with our customers.